3/26 thru 3/30

We are reviewing 15.1 in the Go math book this week.
We are also working on GMAS review.

Students should be working on GMAS Packet this week.

GMAS Math Section April 13.

GMAS starts April 11.


March 19-23

We are working on transformations this week: rotation, translation, dilation and reflection.


Short quiz Friday over Transformation.

GMAS Packet should be signed and done each night.

GMAS April 13………..Friday.

PARCC Practice

Click on link.



March 14 thru March 16

Study Guide will go home Wed. March 14.

Test is Friday March 16

Students can use notes, foldables and calculator.


We are still working on GMAS sample questions each night.

GMAS Math is Friday the 13th April.

March 5 thru 9

Go Math 369-370 due 3/9

Practice Transversals and Similar Figures . due 3/9

Test 3/16/18

GMAS Packet needs to be done each night.


Feb 26 thru March 2

We are working on solving systems of equations by substitution and elimination.
Students also have a GMAS packet to work on each night.  Please make sure you  initial and go over each question with your child.  If they are struggling with the work DON’T WORRY…..we will review it in class each day.

The GMAS is 4/13/18……Friday the 13th….students must pass with a Level 2 (475) or higher in order to move on to the 9th Grade.  Please take time to review the packet each night.



GMAS Packet gmas8th

Feb. 6 thru Feb. 16

Go Math 445-446 due 2/9

Solving systems of equations by graphing project due 2/15.

Test 2/14

Study Guide will go home Monday 2/12

All make up work will need to be turned in by 2/15

Career Day 2/16