Oct. 1 thru Oct. 12

We will be working in Section 1.1 thru 1.3 (GO Math Book) the next two weeks.

DIB 6 (Math) and DIB 36 (Ad. Math) will be due Friday 10/5

We will have a test over these three sections Oct. 11

A study guide will go home Monday Oct. 8u7sg


Sept 17 thru 28

Practice Fractions will be due Friday 9/21

Study Guide for test will go home Monday 9/24.

Major Test 9/26 Wednesday

Students should be doing their Study Guide at home Monday and Tuesday night.  We will work on them in class Monday and Tuesday.

Sept 5 thru 14

We will be working on LCM and GCF this week.

DIB 5 is due Friday.

DIB 35 is due Friday Ad. Math.

Next week we will review operations with fractions.

We will focus on dividing fractions in 6th grade.

Quiz 9/14 over fractions, LCM/GCF.


Aug. 13 thru 24

We will be multiplying and dividing decimals next week.

DIB 3 due 8/17

DIB 33 due 8/17

No DIB next week.

Test over decimal operations will be 8/23 Thursday!

Study Guide will go home 8/20

I will review study guide 8/21

We will finish test and corrections 8/24

Week of 8-6 thru 8-10

We are reviewing add, sub, mult and dividing decimals.

DIB 32 is due Friday 8-10  Ad. Math

DIB 2 is due Friday 8-10 Math

We will play a BINGO Game Friday as well.



I am looking forward to teaching 6th Grade Math this year!  This will be a very challenging year for all 6th Grade Students!


3/26 thru 3/30

We are reviewing 15.1 in the Go math book this week.
We are also working on GMAS review.

Students should be working on GMAS Packet this week.

GMAS Math Section April 13.

GMAS starts April 11.