Aug. 14 thru 18

I ready testing this week.

Go Math books go home.

We will work on Unit Vocabulary this week.

We will start Go math this week as well.


August 7 thru 11

We are finishing our Diagnostic Test this week and reviewing integer rules.

We will have a BINGO game Friday over add, sub, mult. and divide integers.

Please make sure all forms are signed and returned.


Welcome!!! 2017-2018

Welcome to WJMS 8th grade 2017-2018 school year!!

I’m looking forward to a great year!

Open House: 7/27/17 5:00-7:00

Mr. Borck


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5/8 thru 5/26

Some student will be remediating for the GMAS re-test on 5/24.

We will finish our water park project and start a scatterplot project. They will also have one more Drops in the Bucket to complete.

The last week of school students will submit a “Powtoons” Project as their final exam grade.  The project will be a topic of their choice from 8th Grade Math standards.


This is an example:


4/24 thru 5/5

We are working on a Water Park Project which focuses on linear equations, slope, mid point, and distance formula.  This is a major grade and will be due 5/5

5/1 and 5/2 we will work on Iready.

GMAS re-testing will take place 5/22-5/24

I will be doing remediation for GMAS during class 5/8 thru 5/22.



4/10 thru 4/21

We start GMAS 4/12 and will continue testing until 4/18.

No test this week or next week.

GMAS packet is due tomorrow 4/11

Student can keep the packet after I check it off.

March 27 thru 31

Monday we will review and practice Transformation.

Tuesday thru Thursday we are going to work on Scatterplots.

Friday we will practice Scatterplots.

Not test this week.

Spring Break starts April 1.

April 10-14.

GMAS starts April 12.  Math GMAS is April 14……Friday….please get some rest Thursday night!!

April 10-13 we will practice and review GMAS sample questions in class.  Students should be working on GMAS questions at home each night.