Jan 29 thru Feb 2

We are working on a Scatter Plot project in class this week. Due 2/5

Practice Scatterplot will be due 2/5

Test Corrections due tomorrow 1/30.


Jan. 16 thru 26

We have been solving functions and graphing equations.

Functions packet was due 1/19

Test over Functions, Slope and Graphing equations 1/25

We are working on a Stained Glass Window project and it will be due Monday 1/22 at the end of class.

Study Guide for test will go home Monday 1/22.  We will review the study guide Wednesday 1/24

Jan 8-Jan 12

Welcome back!

We will be working on graphing and solving functions this week.
GETS (graph table equation and sentence)

Students will have a classwork assignment due Thursday 1/12/18

Make sure you have a new journal for the year………also please bring a mechanical pencil…….I don’t have a pencil sharpener that works very well….



Welcome Back

We are working on functions this week in class.

Graphing, Equations, Tables and Sentences.

Functions Practice Due 1/12/18


10/30 thru 11/17

Wheel of Theodorus Project Next week.

Go Math pages 393-394 due 11/10/17

Go Math pages 417-418 due 11/17

We will be working on distance of line segments, volume of 3D figures and pythagorean theory next 3 weeks.

Students must show all work for credit!!  NO WORK NO CREDIT!!

Students can use a calculator.

Major Test 11/16/17

10/23 thru 10/27

This week we will be working on Pythagorean Theory.

Page 375 thru 386.

Quiz Friday

9/25 thru 10/13

Page 57-58 is due Friday 9/29

All Missing work is due by Friday 9/29

We will be working on Section 7-1 thru 7-4 in Go Math the next 3 weeks.

Major Test 10/12 Thursday.