March 27 thru 31

Monday we will review and practice Transformation.

Tuesday thru Thursday we are going to work on Scatterplots.

Friday we will practice Scatterplots.

Not test this week.

Spring Break starts April 1.

April 10-14.

GMAS starts April 12. ┬áMath GMAS is April 14……Friday….please get some rest Thursday night!!

April 10-13 we will practice and review GMAS sample questions in class.  Students should be working on GMAS questions at home each night.

March 20-24

I will be staying after Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week for after school tutoring………..we have been working on GMAS practice test questions.


March 6 thru March 10

We are working on Module 11 in our Go Math book this week.

Test over Geometry 3/14/17

Each night students should be working on GMAS study guide.

GMAS Math Test is 4/14/17


Feb 27 thru March 3

This week we will be working on Geometry Unit.

They will have foldables, vocabulary and notes this week.

We will be working on Module 11 starting on page 343

Please make sure you are working on GMAS packet each night and getting it signed.

Feb 5 thru Feb 17


DIB 55 due 2/10

Test 2/15

Study Guide will be done in class 2/13 and 2/14

We will begin preparing for the GMAS.

A GMAS packet will go home Monday 2/13/17

Students will do a few problems every night and we will review in class.

Please sign and look over each night.


Jan 30 thru Feb 3

DIB 56 due 2/3/17 ALL pages!

Systems of Equations Graphing Project due 2/3/17 Major Grade

Test Corrections due Monday 1/30/17


Jan. 23 thru 27

Study Guide will go home today.

Test Thursday 1/26/17

Stained Glass Window Project due Friday 1/27/17

Please make sure you are taking time to do and study the study guide!!