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Print and solve……show work!  Do by end of nine weeks

The more you do……the more extra credit you will get…….points on a test, coupons for DIB or homework.

Middle School Madness

Algebra in Action




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There are tons of videos and tutorials online.  We will be constructing bisectors, perpendicular bisectors, bisecting angles, and parallel lines with a compass and straight edge.

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Photostory Project

After CRCT we are going to spend a week working on a Photostory Project.  Students completed Book Trailers with Mrs. Borck in the library.

Attached you will find topics for the project and a rubric.  This project will be a first for me and Mrs. Borck…………while she has done numerous photostory projects with Lang. Arts, Science and Soc. Studies she has not done one with Math………..

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Congrats to the Sixth Grade Math Team!!!
We went to the SEBHS Math Tournament on April 10 and won FIRST PLACE Overall!!
We also won Second Place ciphering……..Sam Pollak won 3rd Place Individual,  Sam Tillman won 4th Place Individual and Corrin Gray placed 8th Place.

Congrats to the team!!!!

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a(squared) + b(squared) = c(squared)

Students will certainly find this useful!

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